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Consciousness, the origin of life and matrix of all matter is pure unconditional love. Consciousness is an energy system that exists in and creates all cosmos, all dimensions, animates all atoms, all nature, conceives all wisdom and all inspiration. In a constant state of creation consciousness is an immeasurable source of abundance where all possibilities already exist; always in motion. Humans are a derivative and resemblance of this metaphysical force. In a natural state, humans are connected to the matrix. The natural state is love, tranquility, receptivity, creativity, harmony, and beauty. Like everything in the universe humans have a purpose and a destiny. In humans destiny is the path chosen, the circumstance created. In a synchronicity of spontaneous events the matrix collaborates with one’s beliefs. The expansive frequency of one’s thoughts become intentions and intentions become aligned with the actions been generated and destiny is fulfilled. When mundane concerns occupy the mind, ordinary levels of energy come about; the ego's ambitions, anxiety, anger, and fear appear and one becomes unconnected to the matrix. The decision between living in a virtuous or a vicious cycle is determined by the connection to the higher consciousness. In the most obvious or subconscious levels, one is co-creating humanity and feeding the collective consciousness. Centered in the heart, one can access and awaken cosmic knowledge and co-evolve and change the collective reality. Connect, reconnect to consciousness. Connect, and reconnect to the universe which we are,  align with the purest and most noble energy. Be love, be come it. 

© 2021   Rafael  Corzo, All Rights Reserved

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