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Born human, one can transcend a temporary materiality. Centered in my heart and with clarity in my mind I dream of universality transcending ages. I was born in my beloved México City as Rafael  Antonio  Corzo  Brizuela. Through this website I link the bridge between my inter-world that reflect my art to humanity. With genuine love and generous hands, I have prepared drawings, paintings, watercolors, sculptures and ceramic art galleries that intertwine with my writings, statements, and poetry. These activities reflect part of my constellation of interests, and artistic curiosity. I share the past, present, and future of an artistic endeavour. I am totally ambidextrous. I have the ability to draw, paint, and write with my left foot, I write backwards, and I lucid dream. In this moment I am fascinated with astral projections,  remote viewing, and awakening the pineal gland. These activities are ways to access my subconscious and my consciousness with the objective to enhance the way I absorb, live, express art, and for me to become creative consciousness in motion and my art a full representation of itself. I aim to access the spiritual dimension of art and live in "enlightenment" which is a subject I have taken for life as a practice, philosophy, journey, and destiny. We are the universe, let's feel our lives and the cosmos in it; let's set the intention and with absolute unconditional  love  lighten up our lives and we will lighten up the lives of others. 

Clay is earth, earth is nature, and nature in my hands is art. Art is energy, an inherent force in my blood, the strength of my culture, relentlessly working with the desire to express, give, and share the adventure of creation. In consciousness and materiality where all possibilities already exist, clay is visceral audacity, innocent and savage in conception and evolution. There in every moment where you are, there will always be a place for continuity. Ceramics is a rational structure in a naughty skin. In an act of love, the grotesque is a sensibility anew, a synergy between the tumultuous and the well-behaved. Opened areas allow you to enter the intimate space where process and theory are captured and give birth to eclectic forms escaping gravity, expressing motion. Ceramics is aspiration and wild euphoria where harmony and rhythm can never have enough embellishments. And I am, seduced by density in ecstasy - a constellation of colors in a unifying palette celebrating life. In a constant state of creation and in a virtuous cycle, I dream of universality transcending ages. These are the genuine feelings and expansive energy vibrating inside the artist, a true essence. It is the frenzied pursuit of a vision, estoy aquí con fuerza. It is not a fantasy, I give myself with devotion looking for all beauty: compressed, unreal, ideal, ethereal. With this premise in the heart, and clarity in my mind, art will always be. Tu with me now, with me now, so in love with love, so in love with art, so in love with life, creating destiny. 


©   2021.  Rafael  Corzo , All rights Reserved

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